We should notice ten points before buying property.

1. Your aim should be clear.

Your aim should be clear that what is your purpose of buying property either your want to invest in property or for your own use. If we want property for investment purpose then we can buy in any state. But if we want to buy own purpose then we must notice many things.

2. Select the Location carefully

If we want to buy property then you have to do deep research. Your purpose and your budget must match to your requirement. We also check the all facilities in that location according to your requirement like water, security, cleanness. We also look return on investment of property in near future.

3. Check ownership of property or title to property

Whenever you buy any property you must know everything about the property like who is the main owner of the property. You must demand the original paper of the property and also check any legal issue on property. If you feel any confusion then you must consult the expert or advocate. People face many difficulties due problems in property document.

4. All permissions are given by Government or not.

If you are going to buy any flat then you must check the builder has been given all permission or not. We can go to different organization of Govt to check the permission reality such organization are DDA, GDA. We can also use RTI right to check about all the permissions. We should also check the pollution permission. Building map pass or not. Before buying property we must check all NOC.

5. Taking loan on property by builder.

Also check that there is any loan has been taken. If there is any loan on the property and it is due then it will be your responsibility to pay that loan.

6. Fake Advertisement.

Be aware form the fake ads. There are so many attractive ads are given by builder. You can see so many attractive things in flats. But in reality there are no such things.