Top Freelance Websites in India

As you know covid 19 pandemic going on and everyone is going sift to freelance plat form due to loss of their job or many people do not like 9 to 5 job office hour they want to work in fixable hour at their home. People also prefer job and freelance work both to earn extra money. So choose is yours.

If you do not know much about freelance websites then I can define in one sentence. In These types of websites Freelancers can get projects and buyers or clients can post projects form different countries?

Now let talk about 6 top Freelance websites

1. Freelance India

It is one of the top websites in India. It provides many categories for freelancers. New freelancer has much chance to get project and there is very less chance of fraud. On this platform you will get paid and free membership according to your requirement. If your do not know how to work on this websites you can directly go to YouTube channel and you can learn from YouTube platform and start earning money.

2. Upwork

Upwork is not only famous in India but also popular in all over the world. On this platform there is equal opportunity for both experience freelancer and fresher freelancer. On this platform multination companies post their jobs. So you get good project as well as good earning.

3. Truelancer

Truelancer is also one of the good website. This website also has various categories. This website algorithm takes care of client full satisfaction and freelancers also get their money on time.

4. 99designs

On this website freelancer represent their work if client like your work then they pay you money it is something like competition.

5. Freelancer

If you have started new business or startup then there is more chance that you get new project from here. This website work on biding system. You get some biding points and you can also buy bidding points to get more projects. They also charge you commission on your every work. You can also make regular client if client like your work.

6. Classifiedshelp

Classifiedshelp is a classifieds websites. You can post job listing in its job category. There is very good chance to get job with quick response.